What is CyclingDB

CyclingDB is a member of the Sunny Online DB group of websites that provide search and advertising services for consumers and businesses. Each DB site focuses on one specific consumer market to provide the end user with targeted search results from 4 different sources: the DB database, Google, Amazon and eBay.

Search engine with a difference

  1. Captive audience - search results target only one consumer market
  2. Powerful search tool - 4 search engines in 1
  3. Simple clean design - nothing to confuse the user
  4. Categorised headings - gets the buyer to your listing quicker
  5. Image thumbnail - makes your listing stand out
  6. Editable title and description - gives you control over your listing
  7. Paid priority listing - control your page ranking in the search results
  8. View and click counts - show how effective your listing is
  9. Distance and map location - shows the buyer where you are and how far
  10. Map and list view - search results can be displayed in either a normal list view or on a map
  11. Choose your audience - block or allow who can view your listing by country or continent
  12. Free to advertise and search

Search Services

  1. DB database for market specific classified advertisements and businesses
  2. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo for the Web, News, Images and Video
  3. Amazon products
  4. eBay products

Advertising Services

  1. Consumers can place a for sale/wanted classified advertisement on the DB website in a category applicable to their product without charge.
  2. Businesses can add their business details to the DB website in the categories applicable to their business without charge.